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About Us

Evviva is an innovative e-commerce marketplace, which brings people together around common shopping interests, allowing them to compete against each other for the chance of winning their shopping completely free of charge. Founded in 2018 in London, by three graduates of the European School of Economics with the dream of forever changing the way people buy online, Evviva aims to provide a new, exciting social vertical to the way brands and customers interact; creating an e-commerce platform that is no longer just a place, but an experience.

Meet the team

  • Emilie Edburg Managing Director.

    Emilie Edberg


    In the so-called age of communication and connectivity we are still making our purchases in the same way as we did almost 30 years ago: in front of a screen, all alone. We believe that Evviva offers a better, more exciting way to shop together online.

  • Joseph D’Anna Managing Director

    Joseph D’Anna


    Evviva is built on a very simple premise: give shoppers what they want the most; ‘getting stuff for free'. Not through hidden draws with infinitesimal odds, or complicated penny auctions which hide the real price that you are ultimately paying - but through a simple game. On Evviva you always have a 1/5 chance to win real top brands for free every day.

  • Emilio D’Anna Managing Director

    Elia D’Anna


    We knew that bringing gamification into the e-commerce space could have been something very interesting. Video games offer players a very different kind of experience than traditional entertainment. Games are interactive, they offer rewarding challenges, and they’re increasingly social. We wanted e-commerce to tap into that energy