What is Evviva

Evviva is an e-commerce marketplace that lets you compete against other shoppers from around the world for the chance of being rewarded 100% OFF your favourite brands.

How to enter the game to play

Whenever you buy on Evviva, you are not only buying your chosen product, you are simultaneously booking your individual slot in a game, ‘just like reserving a seat on a flight’.

What happens if you win

If you will be selected as the winner, you will then be refunded in full of the money spent, and you will receive the product for free (in some cases delivery costs might still apply).

What happens if you don’t win

If you are not selected as the winner, you will still receive the purchased product but without any refunds, just like any normal e-commerce website.

How the winner is selected

The winner is selected in complete randomness by our secure algorithm. The ball will spin around the wheel until the it stops and selects one of the 5 players. The winner gets the product for free.

The number of players in each game

Our games are comprised of 5 players each. This means that every time you buy something on Evviva you have a 1/5 (or 20%) chance of winning and getting your shopping for free.

When your product is shipped

Regardless of whether you will win or lose, within 48 hours since you’ve purchased a product, that product is sent out for delivery, so you won’t have to first wait to know the results of the game.

How long it takes to know if you’ve won

A new game starts every time 5 players are ready to play, and there are unlimited numbers of simultaneous games beginning every minute and so you never have to wait long to know the results. The average waiting time, depending on the product played, can vary between a few minutes to a few days; but all games will complete within a week.

What you can buy on Evviva

On Evviva you can select from over 500,000 products: clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories from some of the best brands.

What do you have to pay to play

To play in the game you are asked to pay the full retail price of the product you want to win for free.

Who you are playing against

You are always playing against 4 other shoppers, just like you, with each player occupying an individual slot on the wheel.

How many games you can play in

You can simultaneously participate in as many games as you want. If you pay for several products in your basket in one go, each product will still be placed in its own individual game.

The number of slots you can buy

To always ensure equal chances of victory, you can only occupy one slot per game.

Watching the live draw

When the last of the five players books a slot, an email notification is sent out to all players notifying them that the game is about to start in a five minutes and providing a direct link for a quick login to watch the game spin live. This can happen at any point throughout the day, so don’t worry if you are not available when it happens, you will be notified when it’s completed and you will be able to watch a replay of the spin when you are available.

My games

Under your profile you find ‘My Games’, where you can keep an eye on your active and completed games. The active games are the ones you are participating in and are waiting to fill up with other players, whilst the completed games show the draw result.

Refunds and exchange

You can return products within 14 days of receiving it and exchange it for another product of the same value (or of a higher value, by paying the difference). Products can be returned and exchanged for the following reasons: if you dislike the product; if the product is too big/small, damaged, or does not correspond to the product advertised. The shipping, return costs and customs duties are to be paid by you unless otherwise instructed. For more information, visit our return and refund policy.